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Expert Elevator System

LLC «Expert Elevator System» provides services for the supply of equipment, installation, commissioning, upgrades, repair and maintenance of elevators, escalators and automatic parking systems.
Combining commercial and industrial activity allows us to provide our customers with the most complete range of products and services at the most affordable prices.
We carry a full range of installation of elevator equipment and escalators all types and systems from manufacturers such as “SISHER ELEVATOR CO., LTD» brand «SRH», «LG-SIGMA», «SUZHOU DIAO ELEVATOR CO., LTD», «HAS ASANSOR », as well as other brands. In addition, the range of services provided by the company include service maintenance, repair and modernization of the equipment supplied.
Our company is an official partner “SISHER ELEVATOR CO., LTD» brand «SRH», YIDA Express Elevator Co.,Ltd, бренд “FUJI-YIDA ” , EPPS in Uzbekistan. This allows us to more quickly and efficiently carry out the supply, installation and maintenance of elevator equipment these brands
After installation, we make the installation of supervisory control systems, perform maintenance and repair.
Our specialists have extensive experience as a standard and non-standard equipment.
After installation, we perform the installation of remote monitoring systems, maintenance and repair of equipment.
We provide advice in the registration and permit to operate the equipment installed.

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LLC «Expert Elevator System» is a specialized installation company providing services for the supply...


Elevators - sophisticated equipment that is wrong with the installation and operation of non-complia...


Over the years we have developed close and mutually beneficial relations with manufacturers of lifti...

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Elevators and lifting equipment Passenger for residential building, the administra...


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We provide different types of lifting equipment.

“Ozbekiston temir yo’llari” OAJ

I express my gratitude to the staff of the company “Export Elevator Servis” for beauty, which I now know.
Work was carried out efficiently and on time.
Thank you for saving money! I turned on the action! I will work with you to advise all my friends.

«Trest 12» OAJ

A month ago, replaced the elevators in all four entrances of our object – the soul rejoices! True dust pillar stood, but it is a trifle! Even finished ahead of schedule. Well done!


We have been working with this company for the maintenance of elevators and there was no problem with them. When elevator was broken, we immediately called responsible for the elevator, who works in the firm and within an hour came to us and did everything.

“Yuksak Parvoz Kurilish” LLC

When you pay money for a service you expect, at least – the execution of commitments, and at best – good service to boot. In the company to settle all professional, good luck to you guys.

“ERA” Business Centre

Thank you very much to employees of the company LLC “Expert Elevator System”! Excellent everything organized, set up all exactly for all time. Especially cohesive team work surprised me! Thank you very much! I would advise friends and acquaintances!

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